Study About a New Propulsion System Using CRP( I ) (Flow interaction mechanism of a counter-rotating propeller)

CRP를 사용한 추진기관에 관한 연구( I ) (CRP의 유동상호작용에 관하여)

  • Published : 1995.03.01


The anemometer measurements were obtained from stationary hot-film probe mounted between the forward and rear rotors of a model CRP which rotated the forward and different directions. Data collection was done at several locations between rotors. To establish rotor-rotor interaction flow mechanism that contributes noise increasement of the CRP, methods of simple and the double condition-at sampling have been developed. The former uses to find similarity of the wake the later fixes the forward rotor position in time or space and permits averaging the mean wake at any fixed rotor angular location. The variation of the forward wake Is strongly depending upon the rear rotor location.