Failure Detection Filter for the Sensor and Actuator Failure in the Auto-Pilot System

  • Published : 1995.05.01


Auto-Pilot System uses heading angle information via the position sensor and the rudder device to control the ship's direction. Most of the control logics are composed of the state estimation and control algorithms assuming that the measurement device and the actuator have no fault except the measurement noise. But such asumptions could bring the danger in real situation. For example, if the heading angle measuring device is out of order the control action based on those false position information could bring serious safety problem. In this study, the control system including improved method for processing the position information is applied to the Auto-Pilot System. To show the difference between general state estimator and F.D.F., BJDFs for the sensor and the actuator failure detection are designed and the performance are tested. And it is shown that bias error in sensor could be detected by state-augmented estimator. So the residual confined in the 2-dimension in the presence of the sensor failure could be unidirectional in output space and bias sensor error is much easier to be detected.