Three Copepod Parasites (Crustacea) of the Surfperch Ditrema temmincki bleeker (Pisces) from Korea

망상어에 기생하는 요각류 신종 및 희귀종의 기재

  • Il-Hoi Kim (Department of Biology, Jangreung National University)
  • Published : 1995.09.01


New and rare species of copepod parasites of the sufperch Ditrema temmincki Bleeker are reported from Korean seas. Two of them, each belonging to Colobomatus of Poecilostomatoida and Caligus of Siphonostomatoida, are described as new speices. The latter species is very peculilar in bearing the single-segmented exopod ini leg 4. Caligus tanago Yamaguti, an incompletely known species, is also described from the same fish host.