Variation of Mitochondrial DNA Restriction Fragments within One Subspecies of Korean Field mice, Apodemus peninsulae peninsulae Thomas (Mammalia: Rodentia), from Korea

한국에서 서식하는 흰넓적다리붉은쥐 한 아종 Apodemus peninsulae peninsulae Thomas(포유강: 설치목)의 미토콘드리아 DNA 절단단편의 변이

  • Hung Sun Koh (Department of Biology, Bhungbuk National University)
  • Published : 1995.06.01


Sampels of Korean field mice (apodemus peninsulae peninsulae Thomas ) from six localities in Korea were used for the analyses of mitochondrial DNa (Mt DNA) fragment patterns resulted from the digestion with eight restriction enzymes. A total of 29 fragments were recognized and seven mtDNA clones were revealed. The nucleotide-sequence divergences (p) among the seven mtDNA clones ranged from 0.42% to 2.01%. Moreover, the seven clones were grouped into three major subgroups with the mean divergence value of 1.52% among them. One subgroup was composed of three clones of 18 sample from three localities (16, Cheongu: 1, Mt. Sobaek : 1, Mt. weolak) L another subgroup, three clones of eight samples from four localities (2, Cheongju ; 2 , Mt. Weolak ; 2, Mt. Gaya ; 2, haenam) ; and the last subgroup, one clone of two samples from Cheongju. Three subgroups were also distinct with one another in their mtDNA genotypes of Stu I and the former two subgroups differed from the last subgroup in their genotypes with Pvu II. Further analyses with additional samples from various localities in Korea appeared to be necessary in order to clarify the taxonomic status of the distinct mtDNA subgroups.