Gelechiidae (Leipdoptera) of Taiwan IV.genus Helcystogramma Zeller, with Description of a New Species

대만산 뿔나방고의 분류 IV. Helcystogramma속의정리 및 1근종

  • Park, Kyu-Tek (Department of Agrobiolgoy, Kangwon National University) ;
  • Hodges, Ronald W. (Systematic Entomology Laboratory)
  • Published : 1995.06.01


Five species of Helcystogramma are reviewed ; four are new combinations with Heleystogramma, and H. hassenzanensis is new to science. A key to species and illustrations of the adults , labial palpus, and male and female genitalia are provided. Anathyrsotis Meyrick is proposed to be a junior synonym of Helcystogramma, and Anathysotis ceriochranta Meyrick is synonymized with H. trijunctum (Meyrick). Helcystogramma macroscopum (Meyrick) is placed as a junior synonym of h. triannulella (Herrich-Schffer).