Redescription and Multivariate Analysis of Genus Phintella (Araneae, Salticidae) from Korea

한국산 Phintella속(거미목, 깡충거미과)의 재기재와 다변량분석

  • Bo-Keun Seo (Department of Biology, Keimyung University)
  • Published : 1995.06.01


Description and identifications of 6 species belonging to genus Phintella from Korea are in insufficient and inaccurate situation. In the present paper, redescriptions illustrations and identification key are provided for 7 species of genus Phintella including P. popovi newly recorded in Korean spider fauna, and Ocius munitus described by Wesolowska (1981s) was synonymized to P.cavaleriei. For the author's identiication and pairing to be valid multivariate analysis was performed with 13 RVCs below STD 0.05 to 134 individuals. The result of discriminant analysis carried out with 13 RVCs of 134 individuals was not satisfactory, but cluster analysis performed with mean ratio values of 14 OTUs to 13 RVCs showed the same result with author's pairing except P.abnormis , which has larger dissimilarity than the pairs of the others. So pairing of 7 species was possible as a whole because one species only failed in pairing , even though this is imperful result. This method to be helpful to pairing test and identification if it were to improve.