The Health Symptoms Assessment and Urinary Hippuric Acid Excretions of Workers Exposed to Toluene in Shoes Workshops

신발 작업장에서 Toluene폭로 근로자들의 자각증상에 의한 건강상태평가 및 요중 Hippuric acid 배설량

  • Published : 1995.12.01


The health symptoms assessment and urinary hippuric acid excretions of workers exposed to toluene occupationally in shoes workshops were investigated by the Questionnaire and the field monitoring. Based on the results, the acute health symptoms of workers exposed to toluene by questionnaire were fatigue(58.7%), irritation of the eyes, nose and throat(57.2%), and skin dryness(43.3%). And the complaints about workshop environment are odor, dust and noise. The mean values of urinary hippuric acid excretions in m식e and female were 1.08 $\pm$ 0.50 g/l, 1.59 $\pm$ 1.27 g/l in total workers, espectively.


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