The adaptive filter configuration for down stream of Naktong river

낙동강 하류원수에 적합한 여과지의 여재구성

  • 김상구 (부산시 상수도본부 수질검사소) ;
  • 류동춘 (부산시 상수도본부 수질검사소, 동아대학교 화학공학과)
  • Published : 1995.12.01


This study was carried out to evaluate the variations of headloss rate and of specific deposit to depths with effective size of media and configuration of filter layer during algae blooming period. 0.51mm size media was disqualified because most of headloss occurred rapidly below 5cm from surface layer however 0.91mm size media acted deep filtration more than 20cm from top, as result 0.91mm sixte media filter had 2~3 times longer filtration time than 0.51mm sixte media filter, but 0.91mm size media have break-through potentiality. multi-layer filter with 1.02mm anthracite and 0.51mm sand had large deposit volume in upper layer that could longer filtration time, moreover smaller media in lower layer that could protect break-through.


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