On the Surface Moisture Availability Parameters to Estimate the Surface Evaporation

증발량 추정을 위한 지표면 가용 수분 계수

  • 황병화 (부산대학교 지구과학과) ;
  • 황수진 (부산대학교 지구과학과)
  • Published : 1995.12.01


In order to discuss the differences among the SMP(Surface Moisture Availability Parameter), by previous researchers on the basis of their own theoretical and empirical background, we assessed the SMP according to the soil types and volumetric soil water contents. The results are as follows. There are differences among all the five SMAPs. There's a tendency that the larger grain size, the higher value of parameters. And they divided into two groups for their value: one group has parameters with exponential function and the other with cosine and linear function. The maximum difference between the two groups appears when the volumetric soil water contents are 0.07m3m-3 for sand, 0.l1m3m-3 for loam, 0.12 for clay, and 0.13m3m-3 for silt loam. So, these differences must be considered when we estimate the surface evaporation rate. From field data, the paddy field soil around Junam reservoir is classified as a silt has high wetness, 0.56. So, the parameter obtained from the field measurement is much higher than that of Clapp and Hornberger(1978)'s Table. This study treated the SMP for a certain point of time in winter season. But if we measured the soil water contents continuously, we could obtain better time-dependent parameter. Key words : SMAP(Surface Moisture Availability Parameter), Paddy field, Volumetric soil water content, Evaporation, Capillary potential.


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