Interannual variabilities of the East Asia precipitation associated with tropical and subtropical sea surface temperature

열대 및 아열대 SST에 관련된 동아시아 강우량의 경년 변동성

  • Published : 1995.12.01


The aim of the present study is to investigate the interannual variabilities of the East Asia monsoon rainfall associated with the global sea surface temperature anomaly(SSTA). For this study, the summer rainfall(from June to August) over the twenty-eight period of 1961-1988 were analyzed with being divided by nine-subregions over East Asia including Korea, China and Japan. From the analysis of the principal modes explaining the interannual variation, the interannual variabilities of summer rainfalls in South Japan and Korea are larger than those of the other subregions of the East Asia. There is a strong negative correlation between the summer rainfalls of south China and Korea. In this study, the relationship between the summer monsoon of each subregion and SSTs of the tropical NINO regions, of western Pacific warm pool, and of the subtropical ocean were investigated. The longitudinal sections of the lagged cross correlations of the summer rainfal1 anomaly in (a) Korea and (b) south China, and the monthly SSTA in the equatorial(averaged from 65 to 6N) Pacific were analyzed. The negative maximum correlation pattems of Korea's stammer rainfal1 and SSTs over the eastern Pacific is transfered to positive maximum conrlation over central Pacific region with a biennial periodicity. In South China, the significant positive correlations are found at -12 month lag over the eastern Pacific and maximum negative correlation at 16 month lag over the central Pacific with the quasi-biennial oscillation. But the correlation coefficient reverses completely to that in Korea. In order to investigate the most prevailing interannual variability of rainfall related to the favored SSTA region, the lagged cross correlations between East Asia rainfall and SSTs over the moO regions(NINO 1+2(0-105, 90W-80W), NINO 3(5N-5S, 150W-90W), NINO 4(5N-5S, 160E-l50W) and the western Pacific worm pool (5N-5S, 120E-l60E) were analyzed. Among the lagged cross-correlation cycles in NINO regions, the maximum correlations for the negative lagged months prevail in NINO 1+2 and NINO 3, and the cross correlations for the positive lagged months NINO 4. It is noteworthy that correlation between the western Pacific warm pool SSTA and the monsoon rainfall in Korea and South China have the maximum value at negative 4 month lag. The evolution of the correlation between the East Asia monsoon rainfall and SSTA is linked to the equatorial convective cluster and related to northward propagating situation, and raising the possibility that the East Asia monsoon precipitation may be more fundamentally related to the interaction of intraseasonal oscillations and the sub-regional characteristics including the surface boundary conditions and the behavior of climatological air mass.


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