Regional Division of Korea by Precipitation Days and Annual Change Pattern

강수일과 그 연변화형에 의한 한국의 지역구분

  • Published : 1995.12.01


An attempt was made to study the subdivision of Korea by the annual amount and the annual change pattern of monthly precipitation days(that is one of the important elements of the precipitation characteristics), using the mean values for the years 1961-1990 at the 68 stations. The amplitudes of annual change were normalized and using these values, the principal component analysis was applied to determine the annual change patterns. The results show that they are expressed by the combinations of the three change patterns in almost whole regions of Korea. As a result, the annual change pattern of precipitation days in Korea is classified into 8 types from A to e, in detail, 36 types from A0 to e$\circled2$.And regional division of precipitation days in Korea is divided into 13 regions from I a to IIIC, into detail, 41 regions from I no to IIICl.


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