Adsorption and Leaching of cis and frans-Permethrin in the Soil

토양 중 cis 및 trans-Permethrin의 흡착 및 침출

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  • 김정호 (부산대학교 환경과학과)
  • Published : 1995.10.01


Permethrin [3-phenox yben zyl(1RS)-cis,tans-3-(2,2-dichloroviny1)-2,2- dimethylcyclopropane carboxylate] insecticides were selected to study adsorption and leaching potentials related to pollution on Commerce silty clay loam soil near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. GLC-ECD chromatogram of permethrin included 32.5 % of cis-pemehin and 67.4 % of trans-permethrin. Extraction efficiencies of is and trmu-pemetun were 92.5 % and 92.3 % in fortified water, respectively and 85.9 % and 88.8 % in fortified soil, respectively. At a 1:10 moi]/water ratio,the Koc values for sis and fan isomers of permethrin were 938 and 877, respectively. Leaching of permethrin was evaluated in soil columns$(5.4 cm i.d. \times 26 cm length)$. Total recoveries of the permethrin applied to the soil column were $84.5\pm3.1%$. When the soil columns were leached with three pore volumes of water, the distributions of cis-permethrin leached were 6.10 % and 0.07 % of amount applied in the untreated zone soil and leachate water, respectively Trans-pemethrin distributions were 5.20 % in the untreated zone soil and 0.05 % in leachate water. Cis and trans-pemethrin was strongly adsorbed to soil. The results of the study showed the strong relationship between adsorption and leaching. Cis and trans-permethrin to be leached into the groundwater in soils with shallow aquifers were suggested a low leaching potential.


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