Effect of salicylic acid and its analogues on stomatal closing in Commelina communis L.

닭의장풀의 기공닫힘에 미치는 살리실릭산과 그 유사물의 효과

  • 이준상 (상지대학교 이공대학 생물학과)
  • Published : 1995.10.01


ABA and SA showed different effect on stomatal closing on same condition. The addition of 1 M salicylic acid to fully opened stomata resulted in a significant reductionn of 22 % in stomatal aperture. However, 1 mM ABA reduced 73 % of stomatal aperture. The light absorption spectra of the salicylic acid solution showed that SA was degraded within 1 hour. Therefore, SA solution was resupplied % the detached epidermis every 30 min. during incubation and it was found that even at 10 $\mu$M SA induced stomatal closing significantly. Its effect was also greatly pH dependent. The reduction of stomatal aperture caused by 1 mM SA was most effective at lower pH (pH 7.2, 5 %: pH 6.2, 40 %; pH 5.2, 78 %). Therefore, if SA was properly treated to the epidermal strips in the medium, the effects of SA on stomatal closing were similar with those of ABA.


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