Children's Social Competence According to Chldren's Social Support System

사회적 지지체계에 따른 아동의 사회적 능력

  • 최진아 (순천대학교 가정관리학과)
  • Published : 1995.12.01


The purpose of this study were to develop 「The Inventory of Children's Social Support」 to investigate the sex difference of the perceived social support and social support satisfaction level and to identify the relation between children's social support system and children's social competence. The subjects were 213 5th, 6th children and their 6 teachers of elementary school at Kwang Ju. The data were analyized by frequency percentile factor analysis t-test and canonical correlation analysis, The results were as follows ; 1) The reliability and validity of 「The Inventory of Children's Social Support」was confirmed. 2) Sex difference of perceived social support and social support satisfaction level were partially found 3) There were significant relations between social support system and social competence of children. In conclusion children's social support system can be recognized as significant variable in predicting the social competence of children.



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