EValuation of the Outcome and Program of the Field Trip Contest

자연보호 답사대회 프로그램과 성과의 평가

  • Published : 1995.10.01


This study is to consider the result of the Field Trip Contest(FTC) and get a suggestion as a way of environmental education at school level in field. FTC was executed with selected students(3/1team) of 5th grade nationwide at Nam-Han mountain fortress in the suburbs of Seoul in Oct., 1994. The outcome of FTC was very high with the score of 1.38/2.0, and the quality of the program was generally high with the score of 1.09/2.0. Among areas of the outcome domain, accomplishment of the objectives of FTC was very high(1.55), execution of the policy of FTC was generally high(1.27), and operation and promotion of FTC was generally high(1.16). And in the Program of FTC domain, meaning of execution was very high(1.57), possibility of accomplishment was not high(0.03), validity of the content was generally high(1.18), appropriateness of activity scope was generally high(1.15), possibility of application into school system was generally high(1.22), and extending effect to education was generally high(0.9). Participants responded they got a great experience of inquiry for protecting nature during the activity of FTC and teachers accompanying found a good possibility to do in own school province.