Structural Dynamic Analysis by Ritz Vector Method Modified with Lanczos Algorithm

Lanczos 알고리즘을 도입한 Ritz Vector법에 의한 구조물의 동적해석

  • Published : 1995.12.01


Recent researches in dynamics are focused on finding effective methods to analyze the dynamic behavior of structures by fewer mode shapes their number of dgrees of freedom. Ritz algorithm and mode acceleration method were developed to improved the mode superposition. Ritz algorithm can include distribution of external loads but be apt to lose the orthogonality condition, which is useful properties in the analysis. Also mode acceleration method should consider a large number of mode shapes to get a satisfactory results. Another method, combining previous two method, was developed but too much computational efforts and times were required. The purpose of this study is to develop and evaluate the Ritz algorithm modified with the lanczos algorithm to improve the efficiency and accuracy. As a result of !this study, dynamic analysis using modified Ritz algorithm was proved to be the rational analysis method.



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