Dynamic characteristics of TbFeCo Magneto-Optical recording media at 680nm wavelength region

680nm 파장에서 TbFeCo 광자기 기록매체의 동특성

  • 윤두원 (LG 전자기술원) ;
  • 연정 (LG 전자기술원) ;
  • 김명룡 (LG 전자기술원)
  • Published : 1995.09.01


Dynamic characteristics of TbFeCo magneto-optical recording media at 680nm wavelength region were studied by means of computer simulation of disc structure and optimization of process variables during sputter deposition. With the slightly reduced Kerr rotation angle due to the reduced wavelength of optical laser source, the improved recording density in TbFeCo magneto optical media showing the CNR greater than 50dB could be achieved by only adjusting the thickness of dielectric and the recording layers when the wavelength of light source is changed from 780nm to 680nm. In addition, the recording power margin of 5mW and the 2mW minimum recording power was realized, It was shown from the present study that the increase in laser power density demonstrated feasibility of low cost and low power laser diode with the reduced optimum recording power.