A Compound Term Retrieval Model Using Statistical lnformation

통계적 정보를 이용한 복합명사 검색 모델

  • Published : 1995.09.01


Compound nouns as a composition of multiple nouns exhibit diverse occurence patterns in the texts and have varying degree of meaning coherence.The problem of compound nouns in information retrieval is to find a method to represent and identify the compositive patterns of each words.This paper explains how the cooccurrence patterns are related with the meaning of each compound noun and the information of such relations that can be mechanically acquired from texts is used in ranking the candidated documents for a given query.The main theme of the paper is that compound nouns can be categorized according to their occurrence patterns of simple nouns and these occurrence patterns can be formalized by statistical analysis without large dictionary or complex compositive rules.Our suggested model achieved about 7.75% improvement over the best precision of the other methods at each recall measurements on Korean test collection.