Vector Analysis on the Quick Torque Control of Induction Motors

유도전동기의 토크 속응제어법에 관한 벡터적해석

  • Published : 1995.12.01


In this paper, vector analysis on the novel quick torque control of Induction Motors(I.M) based on voltage-controlled type is conducted. It was very difficult to get a step response of torque when the primary voltage was selected as control input of induction motors in conventional quick torque control methods. To solve this problem, the new control method was developed using a new concept of pulse addition which can realize the stepwise torque response of a specified settling time of $\Delta$. The new method was successfully confirmed through DSP(Digital Signal Processor) system-based experiments. However, it was a little difficult to understand the control mechanism intutionally. The purpose of this paper is to provide more understanding about the quick torque control mechanism using the vector analysis.