Lipid Peroxidation and Vitamins E and A Levels in Tissues of Rats Fed Fish Oil or Soybean Oil Supplemented with Vitamin E

비타민 E 수준을 달리한 어유 또는 대두유를 먹인 흰쥐 조직의 지질과산화와 비타임 E 및 A 상태

  • Choi Yong-Sun (Department of Food and Nutritions, Taegu University, Kyungsan, Kyungbuk, Korea)
  • Published : 1995.11.01


To investigate effects of dietary fish oil and vitamin E level on the tissue levels of vitamin E and vitamin A and to see which tissue is sensitive to lipid peroxidizability, male Sprague-Dawley rats were fed experimental diets composed of either menhaden oil or soybean oil nad either low(equivalent to 17 mg $\alpha$-tocopherol) or high (equivalent to 140mg $\alpha$-tocopherol) vitamin E level for 4 weeks. Palsma TBARS per mg lipid was significantly elevated in rats fed fish oil with low vitamin E level compared to soybean oil-fed rats. TBARS levels of liver, heart, kidney and liver microsomes were also increased by feeding fish oil with low vitamin E level. Plasma TBARS level was significantly correlated with TBARS levels of liver, heart, kidney and liver microsome. Plasma vitamin E level of groups with vitamin E supplementation was elevated significantly as compared to the those without vitamin E supplementation, whereas vitamin E levels of liver, heart and kidney were not changed significantly. Plasma TBARS was negatively correlated with plasma vitamin E(r=0.5763, P<0.001) and A(r=-0.4523, P<0.01) and seems to be a good indicator of in vivo lipid peroxidative stress.


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