The Relationship Between Body Fat, Serum Lipids, Insulin and Nutrients Intake in Obese and Non-Obese Male Students

성인 남자의 체지방 분포상태와 혈청지질, 인슐린 함량, 영양소 섭취량간의 관련성

  • 김순경 (순천향대학교 자연과학대학 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1995.12.01


This study was performed to investigate the difference between obese and non-obese male students. To conduct this study, anthropometric measurements, blood pressure, serum lipids and insulin concentration, and daily nutrients intake of obese and non-obese mal students were measured. The results are as follows : The anthrometric measurements of the two groups showed significant difference in weight (P<0.01), waist(P<0.001), hip(p<0.0001) and thigh (P<0.001) circumference, % of body fat(p<0.0001), kg of body fat(p<0.001) and LBM (lean body mass, p<0.0001). On the other hand, the blood pressure, serum lipids and insulin, and daily nutrients intake of the two groups showed no significant difference. The WHR showed positive correlation with weight, BMI, waist circumference, % of body fat and kg of body fat in obese group. It is also founded that waist circumference, % of body fat, kg of body fat, serum triglyceride, energy and carbohydrate intake in non-obese group showed positive correlation with WHR.