A Study of Dried Noodles Prepared from Composite Flours Utilizing Job's Tears and Wheat Flour

율무가루와 밀가루 복합분의 제면성 시험

  • 박규동 (마산전문대학 식품영양과)
  • Published : 1995.12.01


To investigate the Possibility of making noodle with Job's tears flour(JTV), it was mixed with wheat flour by the ratio of 60oyo. Making characteristics of noodle was studied in terms of cooking quality test, color measurement and sensory evaluation. The cooking quality of noodles with 10~40% JTF was almost same value as control in weight and volume of cooked noodle. Color difference ($\Delta$E) between noodles with JFT and control was revealed appreciable value. Though noodles with 10~30% JFT was not significantly different from control in color, only noodle with 10% JFT was same as control In texture by sensory evaluation test.