Recent Occurrence of TuMV disease on Radish and Chinese Cabbage in Alpine Region, Kang-won Province

최근 강원도 고랭지 무,배추 바이러스(TuMV)병 발생('92-94)

  • 함영일 (고령지농업시험장 감자과)
  • Published : 1995.04.01


In recent years, there were considerably severe occurrences of TuMV(turnip mosaic virus) disease on radish and Chinese cabbage cultivated at alpine or sub-alpine regions, especially more severe on young Chinese cabbage sowed after late June. Started from 1991, those were very severe in 1992 and 1994, for the number of migrated aphids was increased enormously according to the weather condition of high temperature and low humidity then. This disease started at late June to early July, and continued to late August. It seemed that TuMV was transmitted easily and completely to the young chinese cabbages, but hardly and rarely the old. The regions over 1,000m of altitude had less possibility of disease-occurring, but there was severe occurrence on the second cropping of Chinese cabbage in a year. It is considered that more researches on control method of TuMV disease will be needed very urgently.