Fixation and Histochemistry of Biological Tissues Using the Microwave Fixator Equipped with Infrared-Temperature Sensor

적외선 온도감응기를 장착한 마이크로파 고정기에 의한 생체조직 고정효과와 조직화학적 특성

  • Published : 1995.07.01


The present study was carried out to investigate the effect of microwave fixation in comparison with that of chemical fixation in preparing the microscopic samples. The microwave fixator was equipped with infrared-temperature sensor, and that was designed to compensate air temperature in the microwave fixator. In the microwave fixation, rat tongue was well preserved in terms of muscular fasciculus and pancreas stained by Feulgen reagents showed clear reaction products in the nucleus. Reaction products by PAS method in duodenal villi appeared specifically at the goblet cells. In electron microscopy, pancreatic cellular components such as secretory granules and collagen bundles were well preserved in both fixations. In aspect of histochemical reaction and electron microscopy, high quality was due to the protein content of microwave fixed specimen. The microwave fixation method saved total duration engaging microscopic preparation.