A Study on the Evaluation Method of Urban Open Spaces of Seoul with Remote Sensing: Detection of the Ecotone of the Mt. Pukhansan National Park

위성영상자료를 이용한 서울시 도시녹지의 평가기법 연구: 북한산 국립공원 주연부 탐지

  • Published : 1995.12.01


The purpose of this research were to find ways to detect ecotone between the Mt. Pukhansan National Park and adjacent urban residential areas, to measure the width and size of ecotone around the park, and to investigate temporal change of ecotone around the Park. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index(NDVI) derived from TM data (May of 1985, 1987, and 1993) and the analytical capabilities of GIS were used to investigate the impacts of human activities inside of and outside of the boundary of the park. Major findings of the study can be summarized as follows: First, ecotone around the boundary of the national park could be identified from NDVI-distance curves derived by a series of buffering operations with a GIS. Second, average width of ecotone around the park was nealy doubled during 1985-1993 period. Third, NDVI vaules of the park were about 14 percent higher than those of surrounding areas. Finally, it seems that the expansion of the ecotone of the park is related to heavy trampling of visitors and various types of environmental pollution of the adjacent urban areas.



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