The Distribution of Total Ozone Amounts and Intercomparison of their characteristics Derived from the TOVS Observations over the Korean Peninsula

TOVS로 부터 도출한 한반도 부근의 전오존량 분포 및 그 특성 비교

  • Published : 1995.12.01


The International TOVS(TIROS Operational Vertical Sounders) Process Package(ITPP-VI), which has been installed at Korea Meteorological Administration(KMA), is only for a global usage to need a surface data to generate atmospheric soundings and total ozone amount. If the initial input process in the ITTP-VI is not modified, it takes climatic surface data for producing sounding data and total ozone amount in general. KMA is trying to improve the quality of TOVS total ozone amount using real-time synoptoc observation in various ways instead of climatological data because this retrieved data in the new scheme for total ozone presently used at the KMA may critically provide to analyze the long-term trend of ozone structure over the Korean peninsula. Two cases in this study show that TOVS retrieved total ozone amounts used by synoptic surface observations can delineate more detailed ozone structures rather than those used by climate surface data. The distribution of TOVS retrieved ozone amount fields with the synoptic surface analyzed data(TOVS-GPV) show more in detail relatively than those with the climate data(TOVS-CLIMAT) as expected. In addition, the collocated inter-comparisons of TOVS-GPV with TOVS-CLIMAT, TOMS observations and Dobsometer observations are performed statistically. TOVS-GPV fields with TOMS observations show smaller bias relatively than TOVS-CLIMAT and also reduce the differences.



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