Mitotic Stimulation and Cancer Cell Agglutination of the Lectin from Lentinus edodes

표고버섯 렉틴의 림프구 자극 분열 및 암 세포 응집 효과

  • Published : 1995.06.01


A lectin from the edible mushroom, Lentinus edodes, was purified through physiological saline extraction, ammonium sulfate fractionation and column chromatographies. On polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, 0.05M fraction from hydroxyapatite column exhibited adjacent four sharp bands. The partially purified lectin agglutinated the erythrocytes of rabbit, mouse and rat, but not agglutinated human erythrocytes. The lectin's mitogenic effects were tested by its application to human and murine splenic lymphocytes. The results showed that the 0.05M fraction from hydroxyapatite was mitogenic, and the optimal dose of Lentinus edodes lectin was slightly lower than Con A by the culture with murine splenic and human peripheral lymphocytes. Meanwhile, its ability to agglutinate transformed cells was tested by its administration to continuous cell lines L1210 and HeLa cells. The leetin was found to be an agglutinin of tumor cell lines tested by L1210 and HeLa cells.


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