Production of Egg Yolk Antibody (IgY) Against Human Placental DNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase II

  • Lee, Yoon-Ik (Division of Developmental Therapeutics, Michigan Cancer Foundation) ;
  • Surzycki, Stefan S. (Department of Biology, Indiana University) ;
  • Lee, Young-Ik (Biomedical Group, Genetic Engineering Research Institute, KIST)
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Polyclonal antibodies against human DNA-dependent RNA polymerase II (HPP II) were generated from chicken egg yolk after immunization with RNA polymerase II as an antigen. The antibodies from egg yolk (IgY) were purified and characterized. IgY showed a specificity against DNA-dependent RNA polymerase II, and was a polyclonal antibody against 12 subunits of polymerase II. An amount of 0.35 mg of IgY was obtained freman HPP II-Sepharose affinity column using 10 eggs from a chicken immunized against RNA polymerase II as an antigen. These antibodies can be used for isolating the genes for RNA polymerase II components, and for in vitro transcription assays using HP-RNA polymerase II.


Egg yolk Antibody (IgY);DNA-Dependent RNA polymerase-II (DNA-RNAPII);polyclonal antibody;IgY-purifications