A Study on College Students' Perception and Preference of Korean Traditional Foods in Taejon

대전지역 대학생들의 한국 전통 음식에 대한 인식 및 기호도 조사

  • Koo, Nan-Sook (Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Natural Science, Taejon University)
  • 구난숙 (대전대학교 이과대학 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1995.10.30


This study was undertaken to investigate college students' perception and preference of Korean traditional foods during November in 1994. 493 students in Taejon area were asked to fill out the questionaires. The collected data were analyzed by SAS package. The average height and weight were 173.04 cm, 64.46 kg for male and 161.73 cm, 49.33 kg for female. Students living their own home were 48.8% and self-lodging students were 30.2%. Male have a meal for hunger and female for pleasure (p<0.002). They choose their foods based on the taste (84.6%) and nutrition (8.2%). 85.5% of students prefer Korean traditional foods. Most students think that the Korean traditional foods should be succeeded and developed. However, they want the taste of Korean traditional foods to be changed for their preference. Kimch'i is the most favorate fermented foods. The fermented fish products and jang-atchi are the most unfavorate ones. They don't like too salty taste and strong smell of the Korean fermented foods.