A Study on Technical Criteria of the Transport Vessel for Radioactive Wastes

방사성폐기물 수송선박의 기술기준 분석

  • Published : 1995.12.30


The site of Korea Final Repository, KFR, to collect and dispose of radioactive wastes produced in nuclear power plants will be selected to seaside. As all the radwastes stored temporarily in the site of power plants should be transported by the sea, Nuclear Environmental Management Center, NEMAC, of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, KAERI, has been developing the sea transport system to secure safe and efficient transportation of the radwastes from the power plant sites to the final repository. Investigating the status of advanced techniques of foreign countries for transport vessels and considering inland circumstances, the technical criteria of the transport vessel have been suggested in this study. Therefore, all the radwastes will be transported safely by the sea, without releasing any radioactive material to environment even in the case of accident.