A Study of $^{222}Rn\;and\;^{226}Ra$ Analysis in the Groundwater by LSC

액체섬광계수기에 의한 지하수중의 $^{222}Rn$$^{226}Ra$ 분석법 연구

  • 우형주 (한국자원연구소, 분석연구부) ;
  • 윤윤열 (한국자원연구소, 분석연구부) ;
  • 조수영 (한국자원연구소, 분석연구부) ;
  • 천상기 (한국자원연구소, 분석연구부)
  • Published : 1995.12.30


PERALS(Photon Electron Rejecting Alpha Liquid Scintillation) spectrometry coupled with solvent extraction method has been set up for the analysis of $^{222}Rn\;and\;^{226}Ra$ in the groundwater. This analytical method offers low background, better energy resolution and lower quenching problem than the other techniques. By the analysis of NIST SRM 4966 $^{226}Ra$ standard, the analytical accuracy and precision were found to be 3% and 1%, respectively, and the relative standard deviation of the recovery of Rn extraction between pH2 and pH10 was 7%. Detection limits of $^{222}Rn$ and $^{226}Ra$ for 10 hours counting were counted to be $0.42 pCi/{\iota}\;and\;0.016 pCi/{\iota}$, respectively. For the test analysis of $^{222}Rn\;and\;^{226}Ra$ in the graundwater, hot spring water samples of 17 regions were analyzed. The concentration of $^{222}Rn$ were in the range of $90{\sim}5200pCi/{\iota}$ and average value was $1470pCi/{\iota}\;^{226}Ra$ concentration showed a peak value of $97.9pCi/{\iota}$ in a Kangwon region, but the average value was $1.14pCi/{\iota}$ except that region.