Detection and Measurement of Non-ionizing Radiations

비전리방사선의 검출 및 측정

  • Lee, Jai-Ki (Depart. Of Nuclear Engineering, Hanyang University)
  • Published : 1995.09.30


The state-of-the art of detection and measurements of non-ionizing radiations are reviewed in relation to protection requirements, especially for electromagnetic and ultraviolet radiations. Dosimetric quantities, instruments and considerations needed for measurement are briefly explained. For electromagnetic radiation, the power density levels from various practical sources are summarized for reference uses. Large errors remain in the measurements of non-ionizinf radiations in general. Technical needs of development in measurement and dosimetry of non-ionizing radiations, therefore, are promissing when the increasing public concerns about the adverse health effects of non-ionizing radiations and proliferation of their uses are taken into account.