Calculations of ISO Narrow and ANSI X-Ray Spectra, Their Average Energies and Conversion Coefficients

ISO Narrow Series및 ANSI의 X선 스펙트럼, 평균에너지 및 선량환산인자의 이론적 계산

  • Published : 1995.06.30


In spite of the prescriptions on the reference X-ray fields given by the International Organization of Strandard(ISO) and American National Standard Institute(ANSI), the measurement of X-ray spectrum is not only time consuming but very difficult, paticularly when significant corrections have to be applied to the measured pulse-height distributions of the observed spectra. This paper describes the calculation method of ISO Narrow Series and ANSI X-ray filtered radiations by theoretical model which is modified framer's theory by target attenuation and backscatter correction. The X-ray spectra, average energies and conversion coefficients are calculated and compared with those obtained using the spectra prescribed by ISO and AMSI to assure good agreement.