Development of Dose Evaluation Algorithm for Film Badge Using ISO Reference Radiations

ISO 표준방사선장을 이용한 필름배지의 선량평가 알고리즘 개발

  • Published : 1995.03.30


Since provisions on the technical criteria for personnel dosimetry was amended three years ago, several improvements in the technique of monitoring personnel doses by TLD have taken place, but for the photograpfic film as a personnel monitor, additional investigations should be carried out for its accuracy of dose estimates because of its wide use in the radiation involved industries. So, this paper describes the methods to develope dose evaluation algorithm for photographic film using ISO reference radiations by i) empirical formula, ii) degree-of-fit method, and iii) matrix approximation. These methods show a good agreement between irradiated and calculated dose within tolerance level represented in ANSI N13. 11, and can be used for the dose evaluation of X, ${\gamma}$ and/or radiation fields.