An Improvement on the Analysis Techniques of Environmental Radioactivity Around Nuclear Power Plants

원전주변 환경방사능 분석기술의 개선(I)

  • Published : 1995.03.30


An estimate of a change in radioactivity's circumstances around the nuclear power plant is validated with the results of the radioactivity measurements are compared. In this study, to further enhance the reliability of the results obtained from the environmental radioactivity measurements and analysis around the nuclear power plants that have been carried out up to the present. In the korea standard, there is the technical analysis guide for general stable chemical element's, but there is not the technical analysis guide for the radionuclei. therefore the environmental sample collection, the pretreatment of the sample and radionuclide analysis in the sample, the result's of the environmental radioactivity measurements by each organization, etc. are different. It is not sufficient for the database to forecasting a change in radioactivity's circumstances. A comparative study of collection and pretreatment techniques for the soil sample, the results by comparison, the method of minimizing the relative error are proposed. At one side of sample collection, there are going to considered that the surroundings of sample collection like the lay of the land, the provision of the selection standard for the area and pathway of radionuclide adhesion, the coherence of sample collection, etc.. at another side of pretreatment of the sample and measurement in the case of soil sample, how to do homogeneously the soil particle size and the standard tools, i.e. kinds of meshes, must to be selected.