Separation of Radiostrontium from Environmental Sample Using Strontim Selective Chromatographic Resin$(Sr.\;Spec^{TM})$

스트론튬 선택적이온교환수지$(Sr.\;Spec^{TM})$를 이용한 환경시료중의 방사성 스트론튬의 분리

  • Published : 1995.03.30


Strontium selective chromatographic material $(Sr-Spec^{TM})$ was investigated for separation of radiostrontium from environmental soil and water sample. This chromatographic material has great capacity of binding of strontium ion in nitric acid media, and has selectivity to permit the separation of stontium from bulk amount of calcium. But the extraction of strontium was reduced by the other interfering ions such as K and Ba. So, in order to apply this material to the soil sample, prior removal treatment of K and Ba was needed. But the Sr-Spec material could provides simple and effective methods for the separation and removal of radiostrontium from liquid sample.