Sensitivity Analysis on the Degenerate Tree Solution of the Minimum Cost Flow Problem

최소비용문제의 퇴화 정점 최적해에 대한 감도분석

  • Published : 1994.11.30


The purpose of this paper is to develop a method of the sensitivity analysis that can be applicable to a degenerate tree solution of the minimum cost flow problem. First, we introduce two types of sensitivity analysis. A sensitivity analysis of Type 1 is the well known method applicable to a spanning tree solution. However, this method have some difficulties in case of being applied to a degenerate tree solution. So we propose a sensitivity analysis of Type 2 that keeps solutions of upper bounds remaining at upper bounds, those of lower bounds at lower bounds, and those of intermediate values at intermediate values. For the cost coefficient, we present a method that the sensitivity analysis of Type 2 is solved by using the method of a sensitivity analysis of Type 1. Besides we also show that the results of sensitivity analysis of Type 2 are union set of those of Type 1 sensitivity analysis. For the right-hand side constant or the capacity, we present a simple method for the sensitivity analysis of Type 2 which uses arcs with intermediate values.



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