Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in the Cheju horses

제주마의 mitochondrial DNA 다형(多型)의 분석(分析)

  • Received : 1994.03.23
  • Published : 1994.04.30


As a result of the detection of mitochondrial DNA(mtDNA) polymorphism to Thoroughbred and Percheron using 14 restriction enzymes, mtDNA polymorphism of Cheju horse observed in the Bam HI and Sac I. Only in both restriction enzymes two types were classified as of A type, which is high expression frequency and B type, which is low expression frequency. In the other 12 restriction enzymes mtDNA polymorphism was not detected. On the basis of this information mtDNA polymorphism of Cheju horse was examined but was not observed the polymorphism and only A type was expressed both Bam HI and Sac I restriction enzymes. Through this study Cheju horse was demonstrated that lower genetic variation was expressed from the detection of mtDNA polymorphism.



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