A Study on Idle Speed Control Using Fuzzy Logic

퍼지 논리를 이용한 공회전 속도 제어에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1994.09.30


The design procedure for fuzzy logic controller depends on the expert's knowledge or trial and error. Moreover, it is very difficult to guarantee the stability and robustness of the system due to the linguistic expression of fuzzy control. However, fuzzy logic control has succeeded in many control problems that the conventional control theory has difficulties to deal with. As a result, this control theory is applied to the engine control system which a mathematical model is difficult. In this study, the fuzzy logic is applied to obtain the gain of PI control at idle speed control system, and a simple engine model is developed in order to perform simulation. Experimental results show that the response to reach the target engine speed at idle speed control system is improved by adopting the gain obtained with fuzzy logic.