Estimation of Growth Development Stages and Development Rate in Rape Plant by Air Temperature and Daylength

기온(氣溫)과 일장(日長)에 따른 유채(油菜)의 발육정도(發育程度)와 생육단계(生育段階) 예측(豫測)

  • Published : 1994.04.30


This study was conducted to estimate the growth stages(DVS) and plant developmental rate(DVS) of rape by using climatic data. Daily average air temperature and day length were analyzed in correspond to growth stages of rape. Each growth stage was clasified by seeding, heading, flowering maturing stage respectively. Growing days of each stage were closely related with average air temperature and accumulated air temperature. Plant development rate increased fastly in condition on high temperature and long day length. Especially winter season the DVR increased linearly. DVR fluctuated from 0 to 0.026 upto heading date. In stages from heading to flowering, and to maturing DVR showed in range 0.018-0.048 and 0.005-0.018 respectively. Prediction of plant growth stage has high correlation with obserbed value, r=0.772-0.948, most highest of them were from heading to maturing.