Influence of Repeated Application of Chlorotharonil and Cellulose on the Bacterial Population in Soil Suspension Culture

토양현탁액중(土壤懸濁液中)에서 Cellulose와 살균제(殺菌濟) Chlorotharonil연용(連用)이 세균(細菌)의 밀도변화(密度變化)에 미치는 영향(影響)

  • Lee, Sang-Bok (Honam Crop Experiment Station, RDA) ;
  • Sato, Kyu (Institute of Genetic Ecology, Tohoku University) ;
  • So, Jae-Don (Honam Crop Experiment Station, RDA)
  • Published : 1994.03.31


This study was conducted to find out the influence of single and/or repeatedly combined application of cellulose and chlorotharonil(TPN) on bacterial population and dissipation of these chemicals by microorganism in the soil suspension culture. 1. The number of total bacteria and Gram-negative bacteria were rapidly increased for 1st week, after the time, decreased in the single application but maintained in repeatedly combined application for 5th week and that were higher at combined application of TPN and cellulose than at single application of these. 2. TPN-degrading bacteria were gradually increased by the repeated application of TPN, and elevated the increasing extents of those with the repeatedly combined application of cellulose with TPN. 3. Cellulose-degrading bacteria showed the peak at 1st week, and was increased in the repeated application of cellulose, but the bacteria was decreased in the repeatedly application of TPN with cellulose. 4. The dissipation of TPN were faster at the combined application of both than at the single application of TPN, wheras that was delayed by the repeatedly combined application. 5. The content of reducing sugar was rapidly increased at 1st week and after 4th week except for the TPN single application, that was higher in the combind application than the cellulose single, but there was no difference between them.