Soil Texture, Electrical Conductivity and Chemical Components of Soils under the Plastic Film House Cultivation in Northern Central Areas of Korea

중북부지역(中北部地域) 시설원예지(施設園藝地) 토양(土壤)의 토성(土性), 염농도(鹽濃度) 및 화학성분(化學成分)의 조성(組成)

  • Jung, Goo-Bok (Dept. of International Agriculture Development, Dankook University) ;
  • Ryu, In-Soo (Dept. of International Agriculture Development, Dankook University) ;
  • Kim, Bok-Young (Agricultural Sciences Institute, RDA)
  • 정구복 (단국대학교 국제농업개발학과) ;
  • 류인수 (단국대학교 국제농업개발학과) ;
  • 김복영 (농업기술연구소)
  • Published : 1994.03.31


This survey was conducted to investigate the factors affecting on salt accumulation and chemical components of soils cultivated with horticulture crops in plastic film houses. The soil samples were taken from 40 sites in the northern central areas of Korea and were analyzed for the chemical properties and soil separates. The data were evaluated with soil texture and years of cultivation as major factors. The results are summarized as follows : 1. The chemical properties of surface soils in plastic film house were pH 5.80, EC $3.59mScm^{-1}$, O.M. 4.20%, Av. $P_2O_5$ 1,178ppm, $NO_3-N$ 180ppm, Av. $SO_4{^{2-}}$ 353ppm, $Cl^-$ 240ppm, Ex. Na 0.40me/100g. 2. Compared to the outside soil of plastic film house, the inside soil had 2.5~3 times higher contents of $NO_3-N$, Av. $SO_4{^{2-}}$ and $Cl^-$, 1.2~1.8 times higher exchangeable base elements, and 2.8 times higher electrical conductivity. But pH value of the inside soil was lower than the outside soil by 0.3 pH unit. 3. Soil texture classification showed that sandy loam, loam and silt loam were 32.5 %, 37.5 %, and 30.0 %, respectively. The contents of $NO_3-N$, Av. $SO_4{^{2-}}$, $NH_4-N$ and EC value were very high in silt loam soils. Av. $P_2O_5$ content and pH value of sandy loam soils were higher than those of silt loam and loam soils. 4. The contents of O.M. and Av. $P_2O_5$ were higher in long term cultivation, but the contents of $NO_3-N$, Av. $SO_4{^{2-}}$, $Cl^-$, Ex. Mg and Ex. Na including EC of the soil with 2~4 years cultivation were higher than those of the soil with above 5 years cultivation. 5. Multiple linear regression analysis showed that contribution degree of soil chemical properties to the EC was high in the order of $NO_3-N$ > Av. $SO_4{^{2-}}$ > Ex. Na > $Cl^-$ > Av. $P_2O_5$ > $NH_4-N$ > Ex. Mg>Ex. Ca. Among the soil chemical properties the contribution of anions was remarkably high. 6. EC value correlated with ${\sum}A$(total content of anions)as $r=0.932^{**}$ and with ${\sum}C$(total content of cations) as $r=0.452^{**}$.