Utilization of Fly Ash as a Source of Mineral Fertilizers -IV. Development of Slowly Released K Fertilizer

Fly Ash 비료화(肥料化) 연구(硏究) -IV. Fly Ash를 이용(利用)한 지효성(遲效性) 가리(加里) 비료(肥料) 개발(開發)

  • Published : 1994.03.31


The slowly released potassium fertilizer was developed by mixing fly ash with KOH, anthracite coal powder, KCI, $K_2CO_3$ and $Mg(OH)_2$ as the substances for accelerating calcination. Measuring proper ratios of raw materials, we found that the anthracite coal powder was 12 percent and $Mg(OH)_2$ was two to three percent. The optimal calcination temperature and time were proved to be $850^{\circ}C$ and 30 minutes, respectively, however, the trial product with lower temperature and shorter time in calcination had low quality. The K solubility of the product was very low compared to that of the KCl fertilizer.