Synthesis and Reaction Chemistry of Some Ferrocene-Containing Chelate Ligands with Dirhodium Acetate: X-ray Crystal Structure of $(\eta^1-(S,R)-CPFA)_2Rh_2(OAc)_4$

  • Kim, Eun-Jin (Department of Industrual Chemistry, Kyungpook National University) ;
  • Kim, Tae-Jeong (Department of Industrual Chemistry, Kyungpook National University)
  • Published : 1994.11.20


New ferrocene-based chelate amines, $Fe[C_5H_4CH(Me)NMe_2]_2\;(3), \;Fe[C_5H-3(CH(Me)NMe_2)(PPh_2)-1,2]_2\;(4),\;(C_5H_5)Fe(C_5H_3(CH_2NMe_2)(CH(CN)NMe_2-1,2)\;(6),\;and\;(C_5H_5)Fe(C_5H_3(CH_2NMe_2)(CH(Me)NMe_2-1,2)$ (7) have been prepared. The reaction and the coordination chemistry of 4 and other related compounds (S,R)-(1-N,N-dimethylaminoethyl)-2-dicyclohexylphosphino)ferrocene (CPFA) and 1,1'-bis-(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene (BPPF) with $Rh_2(OAc)_4(MeOH)_2$ were investigated. The reaction of the chiral ligand (S,R)-CPFA forms a complex of the type (${\eta}^1$-(S,R)-CPFA-P)$_2Rh_2(OAc)_4$ (8) in which the ligand is coordinated to both rhodium centers in a monodentate fashion through phosphorus. In contrast, the bisphosphine analogues such as BPPF and 4 afford chelate complexes of the type (${\eta}^2-PP)Rh_2(OAc)_4$ (9 & 10) where both ligands act as a chelate bidentate to a single rhodium atom. All these complexes were characterized by microanalytical and spectroscopic techniques. In one case, the structure of 8 was determined by X-ray crystallography. Crystals are monoclinic, space group C2 (No. 5), with a=26.389 (3), b=12.942 (1), c=11.825 (1) A, ${\beta}$=111.22(1)$^{\circ}$, V=3964.7 (8) $A^3$, Z=4, and $D_{calc}$=1.58 g $cm^{-3}$. Two Rh(II) centers are bridged by four $AcO^-$ groups in the ${\eta}^1$ : ${\eta}^1$ mode across a Rh-Rh single bond, and octahedral coordination at Rh(1) and Rh(1') is completed by axially coordinating (S,R)-CPFA and a briding $AcO^-$, respectively.



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