A Study on a Method of Improvement from Domestic NATM Case

국내 NATM시공 사고사례에 의한 개선방안 연구

  • 김무일 (서울산업대학교 토목공학과) ;
  • 이상웅 (한국건설안전기술협회)
  • Published : 1994.12.01


NATM as method of tunneling has been applied to construction of domestic subway, roads, rail way, water way etc. Accordingly we have NATM's many drafts and constructional results, but many problems and accidents have occurred under construction of tunnel using NATM for shortage of technical data, poorness of constructional improvement, systemic inconsistency etc. Especially, everyone was shocked at Gupo's train wrecking accident lately. The purpose of this thesis is presentation of means for settling technical problems, by looking into Gupo's train wrecking accident and home records that applying NATM in tunneling failed, to minimize future safety accidents we find that the general problems of home fifteen sites haying occured accidents is badly geological survey, nonconfirmation of base rock's state, formal measuring management, shortage of specialists, systemical discrepancy and that disregarding NATM's rules makes general problems. The results of this study are summarised as follows ; 1. We advise repletion of design standards to practice crosshole test for confirming connected rock base on vertical section of tunnel. 2. We advise to practice pre-boring and pre-grouting for a weak layer difficult in applying NATM. 3. We advise systemic improvements that field servicer can construct tunnel of his own free will considering base rock's state at tunnel. 4. We advise that specialist, who can make a conduct and supervise above mentioned items as well as measuring managements, should be posted at field.