A Numerical Study for the Design of Ventilation System for the gaseous Pollutants

기체 유해물질 환기장치 설계를 위한 수치모사

  • 엄태인 (충남전문대학 산업안전과)
  • Published : 1994.12.01


A study is performed in order to design a effective ventilation equipment for the pollutants in workshop. The procedure has been used to calculate the flow in a confined rectangular space channel. A cross free stream is flowed from open space and jet stream including pollutants is injected from bottom area. Calculation results shows a wake region which exists immediarely downstream of the jet discharge and are compared with the experimental data. Calculation data are in good agreement with experimental results. A wake plays an important role on a stagnation of the pollutants. Thus ventilation equipment has to be designed without a stagnation region which give rise to concentration stratification. In this study, calculation parameters are the position and velocity of pollutants and fresh air from cross free stream. It is concluded that more measurements of local velocities, temperatures and concentrations of the pollutants.