Design of a DC Motor Controller for FA

FA용 직류전동기 제어기 설계

  • 오진석 (양산전문대학 산업안전과)
  • Published : 1994.12.01


In this paper, a speed controller using a controller is implemented and applied to a DC motor for FA ( Factory Automation ). The objective of this paper treats the analytical and experimental studies on the improvement of control circuit and control method using a SCR-LEONARD circuit for the speed control of DC motor. This system is concerned with stabilization of single input or single output systems, so the plant (SCR-LEONARD+DC motor) is simplified to the first order system. The parameters for the PID controller are obtained by the transient-response tunning method, and this control scheme has a backward-shift operator. The control algorithms (Chopper+transient response tunning) is used to check the performance of PID Controller through Computer simulations and experiments. The good experiment results show that the direct control of the DC motor applied to industrial field such oi factory automation.