Introduction of Western Biology into Korea, with Special Reference to Animal Systematics

서양 근대 생물학의 국내도입에 관한 연구-동물분류학을 중심으로-

  • 이병훈 (전북대학교 생물교육과) ;
  • 김진태 (전북대학교 생물교육과)
  • Published : 1994.06.01


When biology as science was fast developing in the West, Korea remained isolated and stayed with traditional biology. This was only followed by western collectors who brought the specimens with them to their home country, their publications including almost 3,000 species (duplication allowed) during 1843-1924. The Journal of Chosen Natural History Society(1924-1944) published 318 papers by 91 authors wherein animal systematics papers predominated with 224 (70.4%) and basic taxonomy of description , list and faunal studies enumerated 201 among others . Even though the number of Korea authors was limited to only seven as compared to 83 Japanese majority two Koreans ranked third and ifth in number of publication. Those Koreans trained by Japanese scholars as their assistants, however, put the corner stone with several Koreans from Japan, upon which direct introuction of western biology to Korea was made possible after World War II.