An Ocean - Atmosphere Coupled Model for the Study of ENSO

해양-대기 결합수치모형을 이용한 ENSO 연구

  • Published : 1994.06.01


An intermediate atmosphere-ocean coupled model appropnate for the study of El Nino has been developed. The model is not only economic to use but also contains several most important physical processes. The geometrical effects which were not confided in the previous intermediate model study of Ahn (1990), are included in the model for more realistic simulation of the event. The results show that the individual models respond appropriately to the given boundary conditions. At the same time, in the coupled model experiment, ENSO-like oceanic and atmospheric anomalies are also well simulated under an external triggering similar to the initiation forcing of ENSO. It is expected that this type of model can be effectively used for the. study and simulation of El Nido. More improvement of modeling may be Possible after inclusion of subsequent processes such as inclusion of ocean mixed layer dynamics.


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