A Study on Prices of Owner Occupied and 'Chonsei' Housings by Type and Size

주택의 자본수익율의 변화와 결정요인

  • 서승환 (연세대학교 상경대학 경제학과)
  • Published : 1994.06.01


The relationships between the Capital gains of housings by tenure, type and size have been analyzed. Major findings are (i) capital gain rate of 'chonsei' housing is larger than that of the owner occupied housing (ii) the small 'chosei' apartment has the highest capital gain rate and the lowest instability index (iii) the smaller the size of housings, the higher the capital gain rate and the smaller the instability index. Even though there is the 'structural change' in the capital gain rates of owner occupied and 'chonsei' housings, they are cointegrated. The capital gain of owner occupied housing is mainly affected by the real estate policies. But, The capital gain of 'chonsei' housing is mainly affected by the business cycle and the aggregate demand management policies.